1. Open the lid by loosening 4 screws

2. Connect the battery connector. This switches on the unit, and a red indicator light will come on. The station is pre-configured, and connects to the network automatically via a gateway within range. 

Pressing the test button resets the system, and initiates a sensor measurement and data transmission after 10 seconds. The station is default set to transmit every 15 minutes.


Important: disconnect the battery when the station is not used outside. Battery life may be reduced when the battery is fully discharged.

The built in solar charger maintains the battery charge after installation in the field.

3. Connect up to 4 soil moisture sensors.
The wire terminals are marked S1–S4.
The polarity (“+” and “–“ sign) is not important. 

4. Suggested sensor station installation methods
1) Use Zip ties to attach the sensor station to the vine cordon wire. 

2) Using 3/4” PVC pipe tied to a post. With a 45° angle pipe elbow the solar panel can be positioned facing South for best sun exposure. The station can be fixed to the pipe with two self-tapping screws.

 The chosen location should enable line-of-sight to the gateway for good data communication.