Having Integrated Pest Management (IPM) information from your own field, rather than  relying on a remote regional Mildew Index subscription, is way better for cost-effective plant protection.

Good quality weather stations are more affordable than ever and with eVineyard and eOrchard you can connect your private weather station (Weather Underground compatible) for local IPM decision support. This allows you to manage downy mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis, and more, based on conditions in your fields! Best of all, this comes at no additional cost as it is already included in our eVineyard and eOrchard software for irrigation management.

Studies have shown that fungicide applications based on IPM decision support provide the same level of protection as calendar-based spraying with fewer applications over the growing year in comparison to the calendar-based fungicide applications. This enables more sustainable growing and provides cost savings on fungicides, water, labor, and equipment costs, due to fewer spraying applications.