The gateway includes a mode to allow you to configure without Ethernet access, in the case that you wish to join a wireless network. Apply power to the gateway and allow to start, then perform the following: 

1. Depress and hold the user button (see #4 in Figure below) for seven seconds. 

2. From a wirelessly enabled device perform a scan. 

3. Connect to the access point rg1xx29378B, where “29378B” are the last six digits of the Ethernet MAC address found on the label on the bottom of the gateway (Figure below). 

The network is secured with WPA2 with a password that is the same as the SSID. We recommend that you change the default password for security reasons. The password can be changed on the Wi-Fi > Advanced web page. Upon logout or client disassociation, Wi-Fi Quick Config shuts down and normal operation resumes